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smoker heavy smoker 2643 N:mod:A But only suitable , we should imagine , for very heavy smokers .

He was known to be a very heavy smoker .

He is mostly silent and is a heavy smoker .

smoker cigarette smoker 1751 N:nn:N He 'd live as normal a life as a cigarette smoker .

An increase in miscarriage is also associated with the father being a cigarette smoker .

There has also been a drop in the number of cigarette smokers .

smoker inveterate smoker 997 N:mod:A You used to be a most inveterate smoker , Horace .

As an inveterate smoker , I feel for you .

This latter was especially hard on such a crowd of inveterate smokers .

smoker chain smoker 942 N:nn:N He was an amateur painter and a chain smoker .

We used to do that all the time chain smoker .

He 's still as much a chain smoker as before .

smoker opium smoker 903 N:nn:N Modern day Iran has the highest amount of opium smokers in the world .

Opium joint , a low resort of opium smokers .

That 's the sure sign of the habitual opium smoker .

smoker cigar smoker 718 N:nn:N Bones , who was no cigar smoker , watched the proceedings anxiously .

This lower risk of lung cancer among pipe and cigar smokers is due to the lesser amount smoked and the lower degree of inhalation .

Cancer of the larynx is also developed by pipe and cigar smokers at rates comparable to those of cigarette smokers ( ie .

smoker pipe smoker 686 N:nn:N Cancer of the lip in pipe smokers is a case in point .

When I went out there , I was a pipe smoker .

Ron Carter is a pipe smoker and has been featured in a few advertisements for tobacco pipes , clothing lines , and basses .

smoker lifelong smoker 452 N:mod:A Sabo was a lifelong smoker until he quit in 2003 .

Death A lifelong heavy smoker , Phoenix was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 1986 .

He had been a lifelong cigarette smoker , but switched to cigars after his strokes .

smoker tobacco smoker 422 N:nn:N Halitosis or bad breath is common among tobacco smokers .

It is used particularly to refer to opiate users and tobacco smokers .

Psychology Most tobacco smokers begin during adolescence or early adulthood .

smoker smoker smoke 399 V:subj:N Despite the increase in knowledge of the health effects of smoking , many female smokers continue to smoke .

An ordinary smoker will smoke four cigars a day .

Youth smokers have been shown to smoke the most heavily advertised brands .

smoker smoker quit 347 V:subj:N Spirituality Spiritual beliefs and practices may help some smokers quit .

It is a day when smokers quit smoking for at least a day .

In the summer of 1904 , Smoker decided to quit professional football to concentrate on his cricket career .

smoker marijuana smoker 325 N:nn:N He later studied the identity formation of marijuana smokers .

Cue reactivity in young marijuana smokers : a preliminary investigation .

It is incorrect to use it for the high obtained by inhaling the smoke of other marijuana smokers .

smoker smoker have 320 V:subj:N Some smokers have an outer grid attached , as a safety guard against burns .

Smokers also have lower levels of some B vitamins .

For example , a smoker might have a habit of only smoking on his porch .

smoker black smoker 315 N:mod:A The same process is attributed to the formation of black smokers .

Alvin was able to sample the water from a black smoker .

Under the sea , hydrothermal vents may form features called black smokers .

smoker habitual smoker 314 N:mod:A That 's the sure sign of the habitual opium smoker .

In habitual smokers , this preliminary stimulation may not occur .

He was not an habitual smoker , but the evening cigar was a sort of nocturnal ceremonial .

smoker regular smoker 291 N:mod:A At this stage , youths tend to become regular smokers .

It was the first tobacco I had tasted for forty-eight hours , and I was a very regular smoker .

The earlier children become regular smokers and persist in the habit as adults , the greater the risk of dying prematurely .

smoker great smoker 284 N:mod:A Blackburn , Archbishop of York , was a great smoker .

Do you know I thought all bushmen were great smokers .

Great smoker , and was fond of the bowl .

smoker current smoker 281 N:mod:A The results revealed that current smokers felt significantly less attractive than non-smokers .

The results indicated that current smokers showed excess mortality when compared with non-smokers .

Smoking : Current smokers are several times more likely to develop anal cancer compared with nonsmokers .

smoker number of smoker 274 N:prep:N The number of smokers has fallen from 45 per cent .

There has also been a drop in the number of cigarette smokers .

Since then , the number of smokers has been reduced by one quarter .

smoker cannabis smoker 246 N:nn:N The same approach is investigated to be used for identifying heavy coffee drinkers , cannabis smokers , and users of various other drugs .

For example , unlike tobacco smokers , cannabis smokers typically follow a custom of sharing a single pipe among two or more people .

Altered regional blood volume in chronic cannabis smokers .

smoker smoker inhale 237 V:subj:N Smokers usually heat the liquid and inhale the vapors through a straw .

Some smokers inhale the smoke into the lungs , particularly with little cigars , but this is uncommon otherwise .

Human smokers inhale smoke voluntarily and therefore do so more deeply than do animal test subjects that typically adopt short , shallow breaths when exposed to smoke .

smoker male smoker 231 N:mod:A The increase to an average of 120 cigarettes therefore suggests a reversal of the trend to lower consumption among male smokers .

Male smokers had more than a 30 % increase in risk of dying from the disease compared to men who never had smoked .

Cancer mortality was not higher in the subgroup of interest in the MRC trial , male smokers taking atenolol .

smoker cancer in smoker 223 N:prep:N Recent studies have found an increased risk of diseases other than lung cancer in passive smokers .

However , results from at least three studies suggest that heavy alcohol consumption may increase the risk of stomach cancer in heavy smokers .

The view that polonium 210 is responsible for many cases of cancer in tobacco smokers is disputed by at least one researcher .

smoker smoker of cigarette 220 N:prep:N The most disgusting thing ever created is a smoker of cigarettes !

Caruso was a heavy smoker of strong Egyptian cigarettes , too .

Pramoedya was also known to be a heavy smoker of clove cigarettes and had encountered years of abuse .

smoker passive smoker 199 N:mod:A Recent studies have found an increased risk of diseases other than lung cancer in passive smokers .

Two hundred and forty one adults were known to be active smokers and 261 children passive smokers .

The newer studies , which exclude passive smokers from the control group , generally show elevated risks associated with active as well as passive smoking .

smoker us tareyton smoker 181 N:nn:N Another popular slogan from the 1960s was " Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch !

In each commercial , the protagonist would say " Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch !

See also " Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch !

smoker smoker tend 164 V:subj:N Smoking Smokers tend to be at a lower risk for endometriosis .

So smokers may be more likely to buy insurance , or may tend to buy larger amounts , than non-smokers .

Smokers and alcoholics tend to be UAWs because instead of building net worth , they spend their income to purchase alcohol or cigarettes .

smoker woman smoker 159 N:nn:N The men are all confirmed sak� drinkers , and both men and women persistent smokers .

Women smokers were not confined to any one class of society .

Though portrayals of women smokers became more common , they were shown in a negative light because smoking was still not acceptable for women .

smoker to become smoker 141 V:obj:N At this stage , youths tend to become regular smokers .

Another effect of the job was that I 'd become a heavy smoker .

He had become a heavy smoker and by August was no longer eating or sleeping , suffering severely from nervous exhaustion .

smoker pot smoker 132 N:nn:N Thunder Canyon is infamous for it 's dense population of pot smokers and drug abusers .

The small entrance vestibule inside this entryway was historically known as the " Airlock " by house pot smokers .

Her father was a " former pot smoker with anger-management problems " and her mother was a " Republican with an anti-authoritarian streak " .

smoker smoker than nonsmoker 131 N:prep:N The loss of oestrogen at the onset of menopause may also be greater in smokers than nonsmokers .

smoker hashish smoker 131 N:nn:N The hashish smoker does not desire any luxury or brightness .

Hashish smokers are without exception homicidal maniacs , vicious criminals .

Kou�dah , the boy , ran on naked feet to tell him in the caf� of the hashish smokers .

smoker female smoker 125 N:mod:A Other factors contribute to the rise in female smokers .

Despite the increase in knowledge of the health effects of smoking , many female smokers continue to smoke .

Since the mid 1990s , the number of female smokers has risen , among young women in particular .

smoker to encourage smoker 124 V:obj:N MTCP has continued over the years to encourage smokers to quit through increasing taxes on cigarettes .

Smokers are encouraged to quit smoking for these 24 hours , in hopes that they will quit forever .

Smoking has also been noted to have an association with Crohn 's , and smokers with Crohn 's are encouraged to quit .

smoker smoker die 121 V:subj:N Smokers die at a younger age and do n't draw on the funds they 've paid into those systems .

About half of cigarette smokers die of tobacco-related disease and lose on average 14 years of life .

Smokers are more likely to die of colorectal cancer than non-smokers .

smoker avid smoker 120 N:mod:A She was said to be a vegetarian as well as an avid cigarette smoker .

An avid smoker , Weisenfeld died at age 76 from complications of lung cancer .

Supposedly , they were avid cigar smokers and used cigars as a promotion tool for their customers .

smoker smoker use 110 V:subj:N For this reason , many smokers prefer to use a glass bottle .

Smokers who want to kick the habit would also use betel nut to wean themselves off tobacco .

Philip chanced to have in his pocket a box of wax-tapers which smokers use .

smoker to go into smoker 105 V:obj:N We quarrelled , and he went into the smoker .

Finally he arose stiffly and went into the smoker .

Dr. Archie had gone into the smoker .

smoker smoker give up 103 V:subj:N Undoubtedly far more smokers could give up if only health services were more alert .

Thus , for both pharmacological and psychological reasons many smokers experience difficulty in giving up the habit .

Most smokers want to give up because of the effect of smoking on their health - not to mention the smelly clothes , the bad breath , the coughs and wheezes .